cp bourg logo

Marque: CP Bourg

Applications: hotmeltbinding – PUR binding – bookletmaking

Site web: https://www.cpbourg.com/


Marque: Morgana

Applications: Bookletmaking – creasing – creasing and folding – folding

Site web: https://plockmaticgroup.com/morgana/

komfi logo

Marque: Komfi

Applications: laminating

Site web: https://komfieurope.com/

MB logo

Marque: MB

Applications: folding

Site web: https://www.mb-bauerle.de/en/

Mohr logo

Marque: Mohr

Applications: professional cutting machines

Site web: https://www.mohr-postpress.com/

Cyklos logo

Marque: Cyklos

Applications: creasing – creasing and folding – folding

Site web: https://www.cyklos.eu/

ideal logo

Marque: Ideal

Applications: cutting machines – shredding machines

Site web: https://www.ideal.de/