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CP Bourg BST-e

De “”BSTe” (vergaren) is naast het Uniek formaat uitgerust met een gloednieuw mis-en-dubbelvel detectie via Ultrasone techniek die probleemloos en betrouwbaar volvlak bedrukkingen verwerkt.

De dubbel en mis-vel controle door het nieuwe ULTRASONE detectie systeem laat toe volvlakbedrukkingen probleemloos te verwerken. (voorheen infrarood)
    • The brand new BSTE collator is designed to meet the needs of both offset and digital printers who want to differentiate themselves by producing saddle-stitched booklets.
    • The new BSTE offers the possibility of assembling and be used as a multi-feeder.
    • Only the BSTE is able to accept sizes up to 370 x 600 mm flat.
    • Requirements concerning speed, flexibility, usability and autonomy have been taken into account as well robustness.
    • Each assembly tower is independent and consists of 10 stations. A single control panel is able to drive a single tower and up to 6 towers in total (a maximum of 60 bins)
    • Each station is autonomous and can feed multiple sheets for a same set.
    • Stations are equipped with an ultra-sonic paper detection system that allows variable paper quality to be loaded.
    • Thus, combining paper format and the number of variable sheets that can be loaded, the BSTE stands out as being the most unique collator currently out on the market today.
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